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We strive to be a portal for young and innovative companies with amazing products that make life easier, save cost and improve the use of already installed equipment.

Macromedics B.V. e.g. is a young Dutch company in the field of patient immobilisation of patients requiring external beam treatment. Macromedics has unique solutions for stereotactic body treatment, asymetric leg positioning and immobilization as well as a very special innovative double shell method (patent pending) for highly accurate head and neck treatment positioning.

Another example is Wesemann B.V. in Rotterdam with their non-break uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Modified control technology removes the disturbing high pitch noise, a pleasant innovation for environments where the UPS is installed at a location where people work for a longer period of time such as e.g. small offices or medical rooms with, amongst others, CT scanners or X-ray installations. In addition Long Life batteries are used with a battery life time of 8 years or more. This battery life time is in general not offered. What makes Wesemann B.V. unique is the 5 year warranty on system as well as batteries*.

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